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Fady Ghali

Height  5’8    Weight  145lbs
Often mistaken as a young George Clooney


Fady Ghali is a Toronto-based actor fluent in both English and Arabic. He has attended TAAFT, where he was instructed by some of the best producers, writers, and actors in the city. He also currently studies improvisation at The Second City Training Centre. Fady has done voice work in animation, and has landed numerous roles in short-films, plays, and commercials. Fady is most notorious for his role as “Excited Friend #2” in the Rogers commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

Fady’s side hustle as a graphic designer has also earned him numerous accolades. He was recently the “Staff Pick Winner” in Canada’s ONE condom design competition, making him the first person to ever design a condom before having used one.

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Rob Michaels

Height  5’9    Weight  155lbs
Often mistaken as a less successful Judd Apatow


Rob Michaels is a Toronto-based writer, improviser, and stand-up comedian. After completing bachelor degrees in both mathematics and business, he realized his true passion lies in comedy. He has placed in the second round of the Austin Film Festival for a spec script written for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and as a quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Pilot Launch for his original pilot, “Trading Life.” He currently has an animated series in development called “Wild Tales,” and is a graduate of the Sketch Conservatory Program at The Second City Training Centre.

Rob is most notable for his roles in his own sketches, because the only person willing to cast him is himself. In his free time, Rob likes to travel to new places and listen to Disney songs on repeat.

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