Robbing a bank requires nerves of steel. However, sometimes you need a sense of urgency, and not everyone has that.

Written by - Rob Michaels & Fady Ghali

Directed by - Kenzie Yango, Fady Ghali, Rob Michaels

AD - MK Morris

Edited by - Rob Michaels & Fady Ghali

Sound Editing by: SonusPro Studios

Royalty Free Music: Audio Junction - NoCopyrightSounds

Starring: Fady Ghali - Driver

Rob Michaels - Shotgun

Carley Thorne - Carley

Cam Parkes - Cam

Geoff Cork - Geoff

Kenzie Yango - Parking Lot Driver

Stefanie Di Domenico - Drive Thru Voice

Special thanks to Youeel Ataalla